Hemp & Cannabis Science Online Certification

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Our Hemp & Cannabis Science Online course features 18+ hours of hemp and cannabis science education with an additional 3-6 hours of archive content for the weekly Student Q&A calls.

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Our Hemp and Cannabis Science Online Certification course. This course features the following:

  • 18+ hours of classroom lecture
  • Live classroom lesson recordings with presentation downloads
  • Lesson Topic Practice Quizzes
  • Access to our Weekly Student Q&A Archive (3-6 additional hours)
  • Final Exam to complete certification

What our course covers:

  • History of Hemp & Cannabis
  • Federal Laws
  • State Laws (mainly Texas and other surrounding states)
  • Edibles & Medicinal Uses
  • Lifecycle of the Plant
  • Understanding Plant chemistry
  • Medical Cannabis & Internal Health
  • Cannabinoids & Terpenes
  • Manufacturing & Dispensary Practices


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